Women’s Grade

ANU participates in the ACT Cricket Grade Competition and enters the Glenda Hall T20 and Lynne O’Meara One Day competitions. These competitions are held concurrently through the season.

The Glenda Hall competition is part of the ACT Cricket Women’s Grade competition. Players can be of any standard and while some practice or experience is useful, most players will be able to participate. Games are played on Sundays with all games T20 format played up to Christmas and its own Final (in 2014 the final will be at wonderful Manuka Oval). In the season 2010-11, ANU won the Glenda Hall Shield and the pleasure of Glenda herself presenting it to us at the ACT Cricket Presentation Night.

The Lynne O’Meara competition is two rounds of 40 over between October and February. A Final four format decides the Lynne O’Meara Cup. ANU women have managed to win the Cup twice in the past few years – good because Lynne played for ANU before becoming President of the Women’s Cricket Council.

At ANU we make sure that everyone gets a decent game and that there are senior players who can help out on the day (often playing). We offer coaching and the opportunity to join in training at the South Oval Nets. There are bowling machines and qualified coaches – 6 nets and a wonderful cool oval for summer training. Home games are usually at beautiful South Oval on the ANU Campus. Our games are played on some of the best turf pitches in the country with official umpires and all the trimmings.Lynne O'Meara Final 2013

You can catch us at the ANU South Nets from  5:30 PM on Wednesdays. ANU is looking for new players of any standard from beginner to experienced. Please feel free to join us for a practice session and see if you are interested in playing. You can expect a friendly welcome and help with your game.





Women win second game

Retaining the status of flagship, ANU women won against Tuggeranong on a Chisholm 1 pitch that was a bit slick and not at all like its usual docile “road” status.Outfield was rough and dry because of watering problems so it was an unusual day today.

Chasing 70 in a T20 we made it in the 18th over. Different game to last week and a good character filled win.

Openers last week put on 72 ands this week left it to the middle order to do the job. The game was won in the field with Captain Helen Baxendale taking 4/11 off 4 overs. Emma Towney taking 2/15 off 4. All round bowling and fielding effort kept last year’s T20 premiers to a gettable score. Milli bowled her 4 overs for only 8 and hampered wit an injury.

Batting ANU recovered from 3/8 in the 7th over to put on 33 between Emma Johnston (10) and Peta Guy then 30 between Peta (33 NO) and Helen (8 NO). Zippy running between the wickets made a real difference.

Also worth noting that we had 14 players on the field today and many smiles. Two teenagers this year and three others under 25. We might have an average age under 40 now :p Bek had the challenge of managing the interchange wit all those players so well done her!

The improvement in Suzi’s bowling is very noticeable. Trish was there for us again. Emma and Jenna did their usual distance in the field. Camille, we hope to give you a bigger role as the season goes on. Same applies to Simone and Tilly as we get some training hours into you. Team Leske was out in force today as well. Thanks Phil for a wonderful job doing the scoring and paperwork! and for Claire and Katrina. Thanks for keeping us entertained Victor.

Lets see a big turn up at training next week. Claire and Katrina will be away so we need everyone else fit and present.

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ANU Women win first game of season 2013-14

ANU women played a a T20 fixture against Weston Creek Molonglo, boosted by some top recruits. Weston Creek made a challenging 2/122 in their 20 overs. Ingrid Sveilans made a hard hitting 52 Ret not out for Creek. Emma Towney took a wicket in her first game and the fielding was good (some room to improve is good when you still win). It was in the batting that ANU matched the Creek new recruit with one of our own. Milli McCormick made a stylish 50 in a 72 run partnership with Claire Leske (17). Peta Guy managed a quick 29 in the last 5 overs to get ANU over the line and that would not have been possible without the great start from the openers. ANU 2/123 and a comfortable 2 balls to spare.

Claire Leske was captain for the day. Well done for your first win and captaincy. Milli McCormick, Tilly Tosak, Camille Carroll and Emma Towney were presented with their ANU caps today and wore them with distinction.

Great team spirit today and a satisfying win against an opposition we always enjoy playing against.

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Women win the Lynne O’Meara Grand Final!

An outstanding performance on an uncharacteristically tricky Chisholm1 Oval saw ANU Women prevail over Tuggeranong by 7 runs. ANU made 108 off just under 39 overs and Tuggers all out 101 in 26 overs.

Highlights included Helen 5/22 including the last three wickets – on a hat trick next season first ball bowled! Kerry top scored with a quick 20 and Jenna made a nice 15 in the partnership that made the win possible with Emma late in the innings. So good to see that a better team beat a team with more star players.

In the field we saw three great catches from Jenna (running back for a caught and bowled), Bek taking a sharp one off an edge to start the final collapse from Tuggers and Trish taking a good one to dismiss KB. Every run saved in the field was important so great to see all the hard running training work pay off.

Claire took a wicket on her birthday … the cake at the lunch break was excellent too. Thanks team Leske! As your leg improved through the season Claire so did your confidence. Look out next year.

We played together as a team and did what we needed to do when we needed it. That is how you win a grand final!

Thanks again to Phil for scoring and all your encouragement. And for your wonderful daughters!

Thanks to Tracey and Trish for being there every week. It makes so much of a difference to have quiet performers in the team.

Suzi, you have improved so much this year. Keep it going.

Helen you did everything you needed to do and looking forward to seeing you as captain for a few decades. Your batting and bowling is right where it should be – rep standard.

Zippy (aka Emma) you have done so well for a first season player. A pleasure to have you as part of the team.

Jenna, how good are you going to be?

Bek. You just keep turning up and putting in – good to see you getting rewards for effort this season.

Katrina, such infectious enthusiasm. Such improvement!

Kerry, soldiering on with injuries. We ask so much from you and you deliver so often.

Fiona, so good to see you batting this season and your bowling is still there amongst the best.

Lastly, Charly. We miss you and your contribution to ANU was an important part of our success. See you again soon!

Thanks to Leigh and Liam for coming and cheering. Also to Suzi’s mum and dad, Barbara and several others who came down (but I forget :( )

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T20 Grand Final wrap

Hello spam fans and our International players,
Last Sunday ANU women played Tuggeranong in the T20 Grand Final at South Oval so here is what happened…
After a bit of rain overnight the pitch was soft but even with the outfield slow – Helen surprisingly won the toss and wisely sent Tuggers in to bat.
Bowling and fielding was very good, despite a couple of half chances or better going down. Helen bowled with good pace and got a just reward with 3/25, Fiona bowled without much luck and took 1/16 and Peta managed 2/11. A fielding highlight was from Katrina who kept very well with balls bouncing all over the place and a number of balls swinging outrageously. A beautiful catch of a thin edge was given not out but the next one off the glove was taken like a pro. Jenna and Claire did a power of work in the outfield and saved quite a few runs. Trish, as always did what we needed and keeps hitting the stumps with those returns!
Tuggeranong were six down for 87 off 20 overs, with the star batters kept subdued and a couple of breaks our way would have seen that total 15-20 runs less. This was a challenging score but not beyond us if we batted well.
A recurring theme this year saw some hard to understand umpiring decisions with a runout and stumping given not out when in both cases the bat was not grounded and fee outside the crease. Never easy to umpire but we have had some inexperienced ones this year who may not always be watching where they should. At least we had umpires.
The ANU batting was good despite ducks from the three top scorers in the team over the previous games. Kerry, Peta and Helen all made ducks facing less than an over between them. Partially bad luck and partially impatience in each case. Meanwhile Tracey did what was needed and batted steadily for 21, getting out pushing for runs towards the end. Tracey and Fiona (18) took the score to 30 for the third wicket and we looked a chance of pulling the game out of the fire until both Fiona and Helen were out. Claire and Tracey steadied the innings but three wickets  on 57 runs left us without a chance.
There are a lot of what-ifs but you cannot expect to win a T20 when your fastest scorers are all out for 0. The rest of the team did very well, considering the lack of opportunity leading up to the game. It is very good to see all our new players contributing so well and making it such a fun team to play in…
Putting the game in some perspective, at the start of this season we were hoping to be competitive and not lose too badly most games after losing four experienced players for one reason or another. After the first couple of games we were able to re-adjust the target and think we might be a chance to beat Tuggers, Wests and Norths. The ACT Women’s competition is much stronger and more even than it has been for the time I have been playing – a win is never a sure thing for any side now.
With six new players (Charley now returned to the Old Dart) it is quite a testament to all ANU players that we could have done so well in so short a time. Forty over games are going to be much better for us with our strengths in the field and slow but steady batting. Five more games from mid January to finals in late February and early March and the season that seemed to only start yesterday will be over. Looking forward to it!
Thanks again to Team Leske. Phil did our scoring and magically the stumps and cones were all taken care of. Bek and Amelia brought a cheer squad and a blue tongue lizard. What can one say?
Now for the Afternoon Tea Report. Kerry once again starred with the cucumber, vintage cheese and new innovation of rare roast beef and Dijon mustard sandwiches. Banana cake, fresh berry fruit (who was responsible for the Nutella!!?), drunken fruit cake (P-platers beware), fruit juice and heaps more meant we still firmly hold the title of Lunch Queens (some may qualify as princesses but sadly not me).
We now have a break of two weeks for injuries to heal and bruises (a big cheerio to Helen) to fade before we resume training on 3 January 2013 – Canberra Centenary year and more news on what is happening when we resume.
Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year break. Love our time together.
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ANU Women win both Double Header T20 games – in Grand final 16 Dec

Double header T20 games at this time of the year are hard and today was no exception. Thank god it was not hot as well.

First game was Wests at 10 AM and we knew that our task was to beat Wests to be in the finals next week. That we did very well indeed. Wests made the mistake of batting first so we got them nearly all out for 51 in their 20 overs. Peta took 3 for 14, Kerry 2 for 8. The bowling was as good as we have seen this season ad so was the fielding. Catching and runouts won the game for us without a doubt. Even the best batter fro Wests struggled to survive and could not force the pace in the last 5 overs.

The 51 runs were overtaken with relative ease. Charly making a nice 25 and Helen making double figures. A comfortable win with 3 overs to go. Even with no official umpires, the game was really good – Thanks to Phil Leske for umpiring and Victoria for scoring!

The afternoon game was against a young and talented Weston Creek team and we had Fiona back. Helen lost the toss (strategically again!) so Weston Creek batted first. In a near repeat of the previous game ANU dismissed Weston Creek for 67 after Fiona demolished the top order taking 3 for 7. Jenna took her first two wickets for ANU and we had three runouts – two from direct hits by Kerry and Peta. Most of the wickets were due to pressure from the field so it was very pleasing.

ANU batted with a re-arranged order and after sneaking up on the target, Kerry and Peta put on 39 runs to finish the game in six more overs. Peta on 30 and Kerry on 12 at the end and 2 overs to spare.

Over the day it was great to see the Leske sisters in the field and to watch Jenna charging from the outfield. As usual our reliable Trish was there for us all day. Bek took a very professional catch from a sharp edge and Katrina would have had a stumping but for the batter being given out LBW instead. Helen and Kerry taking good solid catches and Claire doing a Mitchell Johnston impression off her own bowling.

Sadly it was Charley’s last game with us before returning to cold and miserable England. IT has been a pleasure to have you involved at ANU and we WILL see you soon.

Wonderful games and it looks like Tuggers lost to Norths which would put us on top of the T20 ladder as well.

Next Sunday we have the T20 final at a place to be determined but it could be at South Oval.



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Hard fought win against Norths keeps ANU women on the top

An outstanding win today with four players off doing other things today. Slightly challenged with both batting and bowling ANU women really stepped up and got a win that was not certain for most of the match.

In the filed ANU was excellent again. 4/9 at over number eight and 8/81 on the 25th over were looking very good indeed. Norths managed to put on 69 for wickets 5 and 6 then another 23 for the last two wickets to make it a bit competitive on a pitch playing at two heights at South Oval. Helen bowled very well with a return of 3/11 of 8. Peta managed 3/19 off 8. Suzi chipped in to finish off the innings with 2/19. Not a lot of luck in the field with catches dropping where the fielders were not and Adi Jones making 51 not out after a bit of luck.

Lunch was outstandingly good with a near certain mention to the Umpires and Scorers Councils. Thanks everyone for helping make it a good day for ANU and our visitors!

Batting was either going to be a breeze if the top order got going or a challenge if we lost early wickets. Unfortunately we lost 3/26 and that left the middle order (mostly off at Corinbank or Sydney) exposed. Fortunately ANU lost no more wickets with Peta making 53 retired and Helen closing the innings off with a quick boundary studded 22. Emma batted for over 30 overs for 9 not out, doing exactly what was asked of her – not get out and run fast between the wickets.

Overall ANU 3/118 vs Norths all out 114. Everyone got in the scorebook and a good win in trying circumstances. It is a pleasure to play cricket with you all! ANU is certainly on the top of the 40 over comp undefeated and overall as well. Roll on the T20 double header next week.

Thanks again go out to Leigh who umpired and did the mercy run for ice blocks and to Victoria who did the scoring for us. IT makes life so much easier for the players when we get this help.

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ANU Women win against Tuggeranong 167 to 141

On the first summer’s day of the season ANU won the toss and batted on a pitch which was interesting. The groundsman wanted to mow the pitch 10 minutes before the game!

After a shaky start of 3 for 7 we got our act together for a while until an unfortunate runout for Tracey on 22 via a direct hit from deepish mid-on – a fast and timely 53 run partnership. A couple more quick wickets followed until Helen and Peta put on a solid 50 when Peta compulsory retired on 51. The tail wagged for another 38 runs before Helen was last out for 36. Bek got on the scoresheet for a nice 9 and Emma looked good before missing a grubber. It is good to see our new players coming along so well. 167 was a competitive score in the heat and a pitch that had several heights but the outfield was lightning. A good performance in the field was going to be essential against some big hitters.

Fortunately ANU put in the required effort in the field and got the reward. Two of the Tuggeranong hitters got into the thirties but they struggled to get the ball through the field. All round contributions in the field easily cut 40 runs off the Tuggers total. Helen continued her good form with the ball taking 3 for 22 to knock the stuffing out of the late order. Fiona got 2 for 30 including a greased lightning stumping from Bek to finish the match! Peta took 2 for 14. Kerry and Suzi got a wicket each, Suzi getting the most dangerous batter out frustrated and lifting a drive to short mid-on. A top quality runout from Katrina and Kerry stopped them from taking short singles and in many ways saw a turning point in the game.

Unfortunately the pitch did not help to make this a good game with its up and down greentop with patches of worn down dirt. 7 LBW decisions and 8 bowled in the game and one catch tells a story. Decisions were an issue too and almost resulted in on field difficulties with the umpire. We need to talk about this after training on Thursday.

A final bright note. The team gave a surprise to mark my 600th senior match (108 for ANU, 34 for Premier League {apart from last year} and rep matches in the ACT, 458 in Melbourne since playing my first senior game in 1972) – it was a banner like for AFL and photos should come soon. Following the game we went down to the Murrumbidge at Pine Island put on by the Leske family. Charley was introduced to Pavlova and kangaroo kebabs so that she can let the pommies know what a the lucky country eats! An Eastern Grey checked in and wisely skipped off. Catering was excellent and the celebratory chocolate cake was outstanding. Thanks Katrina, CLaire and the whole Leske family.

Once again we had help form Leigh who umpired the whole match at square leg and got a good a bogan sunburn around his thongs. Phil produced a perfect scorebook for us (everything adds up!) so thanks again to the “support staff”. 13 players on the field today and that is a bit of a record that we can be proud of – Thanks to everyone for being so reliable.

Next week is Norths again at South. Katrina and Claire are at Corinbank so we need everyone and perhaps one of the old players to help out.

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ANU Women defeat Eastlake by 8 wickets in 17 overs

Another good day for ANU women. Winning a second successive game in under 20 overs is an outstanding performance, one in which everyone participated.

Helen lost the toss again which is a good strategy, putting the opposition in to bat against our fearsome bowling attack. Fiona and Helen bowled tightly without luck but once the wickets started they kept coming. Helen taking a neat 3/17, Fiona 2/15 (dropping a catch off her own bowling for a hat trick!) Peta 3/7 and Claire taking her first wicket for ANU. Once again Trish was involved in a runout. That makes one per match to date!

Fielding was excellent again with Katrina and Bek sharing the keeping. Eastlake all out for 80 off 33.4 overs.

ANU lost a couple of wickets before Kerry and Claire combined in a 79 run partnership. Kerry 45 not out continuing her run of form with the bat and Claire 15 not out. ANU 2/81 off only 16.5 overs and another NRR booster.

Lunch was again excellent. Victoria and Phil helped again with Leigh coming along to watch and being conscripted for umpiring duties. It is so good to have your help!

Only downside to the day was that we still have a lot of players who need some centre wicket batting practice. Hope we can fix that up soon!

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ANU Women comprehensively defeat Weston Creek by 10 Wickets

Another excellent day in the field saw ANU dismiss Weston Creek for 52 in 22 overs and then chase down the runs in 12 overs losing no wickets. That is comprehensive.

We got to welcome Jenna who is a past ANU student and a friend of Claire and Katrina. Wonderful to have you as part of the team. Thanks again to Victoria and Phil for scoring and umpiring for us! It makes life for the players so much easier.

Weston Creek batted after a run of good scores from their top order but Helen hit a perfect length and had the top four bats out bowled or LBW. Charley bowled well for a neat 2/4 and Peta managed 2/5, Suzi took the last wicket 1/2. Claire and Kerry combined for a runout. Weston Creek could not get the ball away and when the played any shots fielding cut the runs down and forced them to play big shots with the result – 9 out bowled or LBW.

Kerry (21)  and Charley (27) opened the batting and first drop was able to have a relaxing 40 minutes watching a chanceless partnership. Four boundaries and 2 x 3 all run were highlights!

Lunch deserves a mention. ANU definitely win the 2012-13 lunch competition for this year – cucumber sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit platters, fruit juice and cakes is not bad on a quiet Sunday at South Oval.

Next week is back at South Oval and we should have Tracey, Fiona and Emma back against Eastlake.

See everyone at training and another wonderful day for ANU Women.



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Glenda Hall win against Wests

Word has it that dozens of nails were bitten to the quick as ANU cruised through to a win with 5 wickets in hand and a whole ball to spare!

ANU bowled well to restrict last year’s premiers to 8/127 off 40 overs on a slow and low Jamison pitch. Kerry came back with the old ball and picked up 3/26 of 8. Fiona bowled better than the return of 2/13 off 8 and Peta got 2/15. A good sign for ANU women is the improvement in all aspects in the field – 3 catches and a runout that kept their best bats under control. Our other bowlers only needed  a little luck with several skied balls dropping just out of reach.

We made sure that everyone got a bat or bowl (as we do at ANU!) and this policy gave us the opportunity to stage the cliff-hanger. Once again Charly batted outstandingly well, adapting to Australian conditions quickly for an unlucky 52 (stumped looking for runs on a score where compulsory retirement was due). Charly, Kerry and Claire looked to have the game wrapped up around over 34 but a rookie umpiring decision saw Kerry out for a quick 28, running between the wickets was a feature of second and third wicket partnerships that put on 50 runs each. Three wickets fell chasing the last 16 runs with a neat high volley from Fiona finishing off the match with one ball remaining.

The win was more comfortable than the final score indicates but it was a good thing to get that last run. ANU is not either top or second on the ladder after four rounds (depending on how Tuggers went this week). A quick check on MyCricket shows 4 ANU players in the top 10 of both bowling and batting for the comp. Next week we aim to win afternoon tea bragging  rights as well in our first game at South this season. We are all looking forward to seeing Claire and Katrina bat together and sharing the sisterly love (and calling the quick singles!).

Thanks again to Victoria and Phil who worked hard to put the score books right after a bit of a mess from the opposition scorer in the ANU innings.

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Win against Norths in Glenda Hall

A very satisfying win this week where the whole team was involved in one way or another. Keith Tournier Memorial was the venue and like all grounds it was a bit slow but good cricket could be played on an even surface.

Outstanding bowling and fielding from ANU dismissed Norths for 50 in the 19th over. We needed to improve our fielding after two games and five catches and two run outs did it for us this week. Peta got 3 for 3 off 3.4, Suzi got 2/7 and Charly got 2/7 as well. Charly managed a catch and hit the stumps at the keeper’s end from mid on to start the wickets tumbling. Katrina (ninja to her friends) kept very tidily today. Norths have a fairly good batting line up so it was a great effort. Twos were cut to singles and the two run outs showed them that they could not take risks.

Batting was solid and ANU was always on track to score the runs with Tracey batting through with a neat 25 and a confidence boosting innings. We saw some sharp running between the wickets and Tracy made her mum Trish work hard. Finishing off the game in 19.2 with a boundary was a great outcome – Peta (10 runs) managing to make a full toss out of a good length ball from a loopy spinner.

Unfortunately with T20 it is hard to give everyone as much of a go as we would like so next three games are 40 over and we are looking forward to giving everyone a chance to set their innings and bowl a few overs.

Extra training on Tuesday to focus on fielding and then Thursday to focus on batting and bowling. Both days 5:30 at ANU South.

No need to bring lunch for the 40 over game next week because it is a Wests home game. Home game the following week at beautiful South Oval.

Thanks again to Victoria for scoring and to Katrina and Claire’s dad, Phil, who came along to cheer and help out. It really makes a difference!

A side note: Wasn’t it wonderful to see 5 year old Penny so proud of her in2Cricket gear and of her mum playing “big cricket” :)

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Women lose to Tuggers

On a difficult pitch and outfield ANU lost to Tuggers by 18 runs in a T20 match. Our bowling and general fielding was really good again. Catches are still an issue and when we get that right we will be hard to beat.

Sadly we started the match with a minute’s silence for Glenn Thornton. His Daughter came to see the match and our thoughts are with Katie, her brothers and mother.

In the field, ANU saw some excellent bowling from Kerry and Fiona to see three of the top 4 (all of whom have their sights on Meteors selection) out with 11 on the board after 5 overs. One Tuggers player scored 50 runs out of a total of 7/76 and nobody else made more than 4 runs. If we had taken a catch or two then the score could have been under 50. Kerry taking 2 for 9 off 3. 6 wickets were bowled! Trish hit the stumps from deep mid Off to get a spectacular run out.

Batting, ANU started steadily on what was a slow pitch with uneven bounce by late afternoon. When we tried to push the scoring in the middle overs wickets fell quickly but we were not far short at 6/58. A slightly dodgy umpiring decision (no official umpires so a non playing Tuggers person was umpire) took out one of our fast scorers. Charly continued her good form with a well made 17. Peta came in at the end and made 18 NO but was not able to get the ball away square of the wicket in the last few overs.

If we were playing a 40 over game then there is no doubt who the winner would have been and a couple of things going our way and the story would have been different against a very strong side. No doubt that ANU has the ability to improve over the season.

Best of all we had 12 players and were able to welcome Trish (Tracey’s Mother) to the team. Second best was the positive vibe in the rooms after the game. Great to be part of this.

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Aussie film night 9 November

On 9 November, we will be having a film night (Friday so we dont impact the cricket). Here is the deal:

IT will start about 6:30 PM with pizza and salad – chef Kerry will do the honours. As much as possible will be home grown and made.

The venue is in Kaleen I will pass out the address at games.

Films will be a matter of contention. The Castle has to be one but we might have to vote on the other one we might be able to fit in on the night.

Animal Kingdom, Bran Nue Dae, Balibo, The Black Baloon, Oranges and Sunshine, Rabbit Proof Fence, Ten Canoes, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Jindabyne and Lantana were mentioned ..

It should be a great night – BYO whatever you drink responsibly.

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ANU wins first game of 2012-13 against ‘kn easts

Because nobody outside the club can see this … we can use their real name :)

ANU batted with a couple of hitches in the top order when the regular openers were out of action due to illness and late because of a concert (Claire is a concert musician at ANU). Fortunately our UK import Charly Stamper got to work and carried her bat for 35 not out. The lower order did brilliantly in support accelerating in the last 5 overs to post 84 on a slow pitch and even slower outfield. New captain Helen Baxendale made 10.

84 in a T20 is not a big score so you need to field and bowl well. That is what ANU did. Helen backed up her batting with four overs for 7. Suzi, Kerry, Claire and Katrina bowled economical two over spells with Fiona, Peta and Helen closing out the innings with the last 8 overs bowled for a total of 1/26 – no more than 4 runs conceded in any of those overs. Eastlake restricted to 74 of 20 overs.  It was a fine return to form for the students after an off season last year. Today we saw diving saves, back handed runout attempts and mid air throws at the stumps. As Bek (our keeper) said “it is so good to have some new blood in the team”. We can still improve. I think a bit of catching practice might be in order on Thursday.

Warm welcomes to Claire and Katrina Leske (sisters), Emma Johnston and Charlotte Stamper who are new to the club this year and all ANU students! The average age of our team is now  closer to 30 than 40 :). Charly is from University of Bristol doing postgrad studies at ANU until Christmas and her English accent and neat footwork at the crease are both welcome. Our challenge is to educate her in beverage sizes and Aussie film before the end of December.

Special thanks to Victoria Redfern who came along and did the scoring and paperwork for us after retiring from playing last season.

Come along and check out the women’ s team this season, you will like what you see.

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Confirmed players for 2012-13

As of today I have the following players confirmed for this season











Katrina Leske



Not heard yet:


Friend of Tracey

Mel Penn


Michelle and Kate are not playing. Michelle permanently interstate and Kate not this season. Jill will be coming to cheer but not play this season. Lyndsay is moving to the Central Coast.

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Glenda Hall 22 Jan 2012

Today ANU showed what we can really do when we are switched on. After losing to Tuggers earlier this season ANU travelled to far south Tuggers to Chisholm 2. Tuggers decided to send us in on a nice green and grassy pitch that might have seen a bit of water. Ropes on the boundary were right out instead of shorter as per T20 rules and the grass was LONG. The top order did well with 4/76 in the 14th over. The fall of wickets slowed the runs but a flurry in the last two overs produced a competitive score of 8/97 off 20. This was more like 120-30 on a normal outfield. Peta made 24 of 20 balls, Kerry got 16 and both Lyndsay and Barbara got neat 10s. Jill got a nice 12 of the last overs.

Tuggeranong had one more player than ANU because of injuries so we had to field well – and did. Four catches were taken and none were easy. A fine runout with three assists was another highlight. You also have to bowl tight when short in the field and that is what happened. Kerry took 3/20 with one that hit the stumps and sent a bail flying 24 metres from the stumps (we measured it)! Fiona took 2/19 and the rest were shared evenly. Everyone bowled an outstanding line and length forcing big hitters to take risks and get out. Tuggers all out for 74 in the 19th over never looking like chasing the ANU score. Once again ANU got every player into the scorebook for a T20.

Roll on the 40 over games and we will see if ANU can get up for minor premiers again. Last two weeks were very satisfying wins against quality opposition.

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Glenda Hall 15 Jan 2012

In a hard fought match ANU backed up from a Saturday’s double header to play Norths who have two former captains of the Meteors playing for them. It is great to see past players coming back and playing Glenda Hall and the games with Norths are always played in good spirit. At the start we had a minute’s silence to remember Derek Gould who was a supporter of Women’s cricket and was well known to older players. Derek was also serving President of Wests when he died at Christmas.

Norths batted first and piled on runs with their experienced batting line up. The on came ANU’s Secret Weapon (Suzi Foley) to bowl Adi Jones first ball. Almost immediately, Barbara Clare came on and bowled Kristen Woods with a great ball. Two Meteors captains gone and the runs dried up. Fiona, Barbara and Suzi each got two wickets. Every wicket was bowled or LBW. Norths 8.97 off 20 after being 64 of the first 10.

ANU opened with Barbara and Jill who got a great t20 start with 25 in the first three overs and plenty of boundaries. Peta and Fiona finished off with ANU winning on the first ball of the 19th over 2/97. Fiona made her top score ever with 32 not out and Peta managed a subdued 30 not out after Norths packed the leg side field (now why would they do that?).

It was a good win against good opposition and everyone got a bat or bowl. We managed that with eight players and are looking forward to everyone coming back for the next game.

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Glenda Hall 4 December 2011

Another disappointing Sunday when ANU only just had enough players to start the game. Injuries and travel meant that we had 7 players at the start (thanks Tracey for helping out) and only 6 during the majority of the game. O’Connor was not at its best after the recent rain despite the efforts of Greg, Simon and JB to bring it up to scratch for us. Eastlake had a strong team and in a 40 over game it is hard to compete without the numbers in the field.

ANU batted first and had a very promising start with Tracey and Barbara both scoring 15. Tracey had to leave for another commitment and this triggered a steady fall of wickets and batting only for survival. ANU ending up 85 runs from 40 overs. Katy made her best score in Glenda Hall and it was good to at least bat out the overs.

Eastlake was able to get the required runs in only 21 overs with many gaps in the field making the task easier. Eastlake 2/86.

Considering that 6 of the players who played in the grand final last season were unavailable to play, the result is about what you would respect. Hopefully the injuries and travel are in the past and January brings a fresh start to the season.

Regards, Peta

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Glenda Hall 27 Nov 2011

This Sunday the Glenda Hall team returned to the winner’s list with a solid win over Weston Creek in a t20 match out at Stirling enclosed oval – the pitch was as first class and a beautiful day followed the recent rain. Weston Creek have a lot of talented junior players and some of their mothers play as well. A pleasure to play against Creek on an fine ground.

Creek batted first and got off to a solid start until Fiona and Peta ran through the top order (2/19 and 2/8 respectively). Nearly everyone had a bowl with Kerry having a rest for an injury. Weston Creek ending up at 6/78 when more experienced sides have been bowled out in the 20 overs against ANU.

Kerry opened the batting with Suzi and scored a quick 20. Lyndsay and Suzi made their top scores in Glenda Hall – well done. Fiona and Peta finished off the game in the 17th over for a comfortable win. Weston Creek used 10 bowlers so participating was definitely a winner.

Welcome back to Barbara Clare who is travelling up from the coast to play now that exams etc are over. Special mention also for Bek, our new regular Glenda Hall keeper who is mastering the art of keeping her knees together :p

Regards, Peta

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Glenda Hall 30 October 2011

Once again ANU Women have managed a solid win by 7 wickets with 2.1 overs to spare. Captain Kerry McLachlan lost the toss and the students gladly bowled. We welcomed Victoria back now that her work schedule allows. We were forced to play with 9 players this week because three players are interstate and three more injured. Next game (13 November because of a bye next week) we should have a full team and possibly the luxury of playing with 12.

ANU bowled without a lot of luck but Suzi (Secret Weapon) Foley chimed in with two wickets demonstrating the old adage “you miss – I hit” That makes four wickets in Glenda Hall this year and all bowled. Fielding was to the usual high standard so Wests could only manage 4/76 off the 20 overs on what seemed to be a flat North Oval pitch. Only one catch this week after eight last week but there were half a dozen near misses slightly short or over heads. It was a very good effort to keep Wests to 76 with only 9 in the field.

Against tight bowling ANU lost 3/18 in the first 5 overs until an outstanding partnership for the 4th wicket between Tracey Hasler and Kerry guided us home. A partnership of 61 and both scoring 27 in under 13 overs shows the depth ANU has with so many top and middle order bats out. As normal in Glenda Hall competition we managed to get nearly everyone on the score book and we are looking forward to the 40 over games so that everyone can have a good go with bat and ball.

Those of us who were there last Thursday night showed the benefit of coaching from Sam. Looking forward to seeing a big turn up at training over the next fortnight.

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Glenda Hall 30 October availability

This Sunday Glenda Hall is on against Weston Creek at ANU NORTH Oval this Sunday for another T20. 6 November is a bye for ANU.

Looks like we will struggle for numbers this week.

Definite outs: Lindsay (message via Kerry) will be away Helen will be in Adelaide

Possibles: Michelle if the injury is ok Barbara subject to Exams etc Jane if we are really nice to her and offer home baked cakes

Confirmed Playing: Suzi Katy Kerry Jill Peta Fiona

Not sure so please let me know definitely: Bek Tracey Victoria

Have I missed anyone or got something wrong? Let me know ASAP.


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Women win 6 a side competition

This Sunday 9 October, ANU Women managed to win the 6 a Side season kick off competition. A good all round performance was enough to overcome Tuggers, Eastlake, Wests and Norths. All these teams were experienced players so the competition was the same standard as the usual Glenda Hall/Grade competition.  Grass was long  so there was not much value for shots along the ground. New player, Tracey Hasler did really well with bat, ball and in the field. ANU was undefeated on the day. Fortunately we were able to borrow some players because we had last minute withdrawals.
A feature of the ANU team was excellent fielding and bowling with solid batting from everyone. Fiona batted and bowled to her usual standard with several wickets and very solid batting. Suzi bowled economically and was rewarded with two wickets bowled middle stump. Tracey took a wicket, two catches, a runout and hit a boundary – not a bad first day for ANU! Peta managed a few boundaries and some economical overs.

The day was a good example of how doing the basics consistently well produces results.

Looking forward to good weather for next week.

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Need to know player numbers ASAP.

Please post here if you intend to play Glenda Hall this year.

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Glenda Hall Kit

I did a clean out of the Glenda Hall kit today.The cleanout is overdue. Most of our kit was bought in 2004-5 or donated by Kirrily Boyd in 2006. Two helmets were purchased in 2008 after an incident onfield. Bats and other equipment have deteriorated and pads in particular lose their effectiveness when damaged. Here is what we have after the cleanout:
Two old sets of pads have gone to the tip. Stuffing falling out is not a good thing. There are two sets of pads, three sets of right handers gloves – one set in first class condition), two helmets – one is near new, keepers gloves, bag of 12 balls – there should be another 10 somewhere so we need them back, keepers pads, two thigh pads, two light bats and one heavier one, baseball mitt and a falling apart bag.

I propose to get us a new set of pads, a bigger wheeled bag, one or two more sets of gloves, fielding practice stumps and a new scorebook.

Things from the PL kit will be available if needed as well.

In addition I have 8 new cricket balls (Kate and Fiona have some too so I need them back).

New shirts (for new members) are in sizes:
10 (2)
12 (2)
14 (0) need them for next year
16 (2)
18 (3)

there are 6 new caps.

Make sure any recruits are not size 14 please :p

For this year, we will manage distribution of the shirts through the website. Request the shirt and size here and I will provide it.

You can buy an additional shirt at a cost (insert cost here) and the club issues shirts are expected to last 3 seasons. That means you will get a new one each three years and why we need to record the distribution of them here. Apologies for the administrivia.

Anything I have missed?

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Glenda Hall Players season 2011-12

I had a message from Floss and Helen Morrissey. They will not be playing this season due to injury last season. They asked to be unsubscribed from our mailing list. Helen wished us well this season and basically said we are awesome.

Welcome back to Carli who returned from FNQ in August.

Bek – a friend of several of our players has been down at training twice now and has a decent dose of cricket back. Welcome Bek.

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Glenda Hall Draw

Here is the Glenda Hall Draw

Glenda Hall Shield 2011-12

Potential women’s draws 2011-12
Format 7 x T20, 7 x 40 over, SF, GF
Sun 9 October 6-a-side carnival day Long weekend
Sun 16 October Rd 1 T20 ANU Eastlake ANU Sth
Weston Creek North Canberra – Gungahlin Stirling
Western District/UC Queanbeyan Jamison
Tuggeranong bye
Sun 23 October Rd 2 T20 WNCL T20 Home Eastlake North Canberra – Gungahlin Kingston
ANU Queanbeyan ANU Sth
Weston Creek Tuggeranong Phillip District
Western District/UC bye
Sun 30 October Rd 3 T20 WNCL T20 Home North Canberra – Gungahlin Queanbeyan KTMO
Eastlake Tuggeranong Kingston
ANU Western District/UC ANU Nth
Weston Creek bye
Sun 6 November Rd 4 40 over Queanbeyan Tuggeranong Town Park
North Canberra – Gungahlin Western District/UC Reid
Eastlake Weston Creek Forestry
ANU bye
Sun 13 November Rd 5 40 over WNCL T20 Away Tuggeranong Western District/UC Chisholm 1
Queanbeyan Weston Creek Phillip District
North Canberra – Gungahlin ANU Reid
Eastlake bye
Sun 20 November Rd 6 40 over Western District/UC Weston Creek Kaleen
Tuggeranong ANU Chisholm 2
Queanbeyan Eastlake Town Park
North Canberra – Gungahlin bye
Sun 27 November Rd 7 T20 WNCL T20 Home Weston Creek ANU Stirling
Western District/UC Eastlake Kaleen
Tuggeranong North Canberra – Gungahlin Chisholm 1
Queanbeyan bye
Sun 4 December Rd 8 40 over WNCL T20 Bye ANU Eastlake O’Connor
Weston Creek North Canberra – Gungahlin Phillip District
Western District/UC Queanbeyan Jamison
Tuggeranong bye
Sun 11 December Rd 9 T20 Queanbeyan Tuggeranong Town Park
North Canberra – Gungahlin Western District/UC Reid
Eastlake Weston Creek Forestry
ANU bye
Sun 18 December Bye WNCL T20 Away
Sun 8 January bye WNCL 50 Away
Sun 15 January Rd 10 T20 WNCL FINAL Tuggeranong Western District/UC Chisholm 1
Queanbeyan Weston Creek Town Park
North Canberra – Gungahlin ANU KTMO
Eastlake bye
Sun 22 January Rd 11 T20 Western District/UC Weston Creek Kaleen
Tuggeranong ANU Chisholm 2
Queanbeyan Eastlake Town Park
Australia Day Thu 26th Jan North Canberra – Gungahlin bye
Sun 29 January 6-a-side carnival day TBA
Sun 5 February Rd 12 40 over Eastlake North Canberra – Gungahlin Kingston
ANU Queanbeyan ANU Sth
Weston Creek Tuggeranong Phillip District
Western District/UC bye
Sun 12 February Rd 13 40 over North Canberra – Gungahlin Queanbeyan KTMO
Eastlake Tuggeranong Kingston
ANU Western District/UC ANU Nth
Weston Creek bye
Sun 19 February Rd 14 40 over Weston Creek ANU Stirling
Western District/UC Eastlake Jamison
Tuggeranong North Canberra – Gungahlin Chisholm 1
Queanbeyan bye
Sun 26 February SF weekend SF 1 1 4 TBA
SF 2 2 3 TBA
5 v 6 v 7 Triangular match TBA
Sun 4 March Grand Final (winners of SFs) SF 1 winner SF 2 winner TBC
Sun 11 March

This will be updated if needed

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